Tripolymer Insulation

Experience Absolute Comfort with Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation

Live comfortably in EVERY room in your home. Don’t let space in your home go to waste because a room is simply too hot or too cold. Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation eliminates hot spots and cold spots and saves on your monthly heating and cooling bills. If your walls could talk, they’d say choose Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation. Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation is a hybrid, belonging to one of the oldest groups of synthetically-produced thermosetting compounds. Phenolics, as they are referred to, were first synthesized in 1907 in the form of Bakelite. Today, Phenolics are well known for their durability, structural integrity, and extraordinary fire resistance. Phenolic materials are used extensively in electronics, automobiles, manufacture parts, fire proof coatings, waterproof adhesives, tools, jewelry, and thousands of other commercial and house hold items. When used as foam insulation, phenolics are one of the safest and most efficient thermal and acoustical insulation products available.

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Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation is by far the best product for retrofit wall insulation projects. Become a certified dealer:
  • Earn more and increase your business’ bottom line
  • Expand into retrofit - the fastest growing segment in the insulation industry
  • Use over existing fiberglass & cellulose insulation
  • Efficient and eco-friendly material
  • Hands-on training sessions & superb support
  • LEED-Eligible

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