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" gas bills during winter months were cut in half."
- Mr P., Regent Square, PA

Dealer Success Stories

Many of our dealers tell us that getting into the injection wall foam business with Tripolymer Inc. has raised their bottom line and kept them in business during the slow new construction market. Retrofit insulation is a very large and rapidly-growing market as 46 million homes in the U.S. have inadequate insulation. In fact, it’s one of the few growing markets in the insulation industry.

 Here are just a few success stories:


“Installing Tripolymer Inc.’s injection foam into the retrofit insulation market has taken over as my company’s primary
revenue stream. Before Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation, we installed spray foam and we were heavily dependent on the new construction market which severely declined during the recent economic downturn. I would have had to close our doors if not for Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation.”

“Tripolymer Inc. has great attributes for both clients and dealers – an excellent R-value for our homeowner clients and an amazing business opportunity for dealers. I have seen huge reductions in energy audits it has helped us get into energy efficiency projects with local and state weatherization departments and utility companies.”

MJW Drywall

MJW Drywall & Foam Insulation, LLC, New Hampshire



“We started primarily as a spray foam installer and reluctantly entered the retro-fit market. Good thing we did. Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation now accounts for about 70% of our business income. We would have closed shop if it wasn’t for Tripolymer Inc.!”


Spray-Tech Foam Insulation, LLC,



“Tripolymer Inc. Injection Foam Insulation is a great product – we love it. I also own a gutter installation company and thought Injection Foam would be a perfect complement to that business. In 2009, we became a Tripolymer Inc. dealer and in 2010 we grew revenues more than 100%.

What’s more is that the folks at Tripolymer Inc. are absolutely great to deal with. They have even shipped me product when I needed it on a Saturday!”

No Gap Insulation

No Gap Insulation, Michigan



“Tripolymer Inc. has helped grow our business. The product is amazing – it lives up to its reputation and exceeds our expectations. The staff is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the product. Plus, they are pleasant and easy to deal with.”

Pittsburgh Foam Insulation, Pennsylvania